Documents 99-111 of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Aug-Nov 1979 (CCE 54.26)

<<Moscow Helsinki Group documents, 1976-1982>>

No. 99 (25 August 1979): On the persecution of Baptists in Ryazan Region (in this issue see “Persecution of Believers”, CCE 54.19).

No. 100 (30 August 1979): “Repressive measures on ideological grounds, August 1978 to August 1979” [10 pp.]

Sub-headings — Ukraine; Armenia; the Baltic Republics; the Moscow Helsinki Group; the Inter-Trade Association of Working People; the Uncensored Journal Searches (Moscow); a Youth Group of Social-Communist Tendency; the Journal Perspectives (Leningrad); the Christian Seminar; Baptists, Pentecostalists and Adventists; the Emigration of Germans; Emigration (irrespective of reasons); the Crimean Tatars, a Return to the Homeland (see CCEs 50-53 and present edition).

Appendix No. 1 — A list of 113 arrested people, giving brief details of their cases. There are six further appendices.

No. 101 (17 September 1979): “Threats against the Moscow Helsinki Group” (in this issue, see “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” CCE 54.19, and “Miscellaneous Reports” CCE 54.22).

No. 102 (7 October 1979): “On events in the Ukraine; Criminal Terror against the movement for the rule of law” (see CCE 53 and the present issue).

No. 103 (7 October 1979): “The arrest of Eduard Arutyunyan” (see CCE 53).

No. 104 (13 October 1979): “Fresh attempts to suppress publicity and charity” (on the 11 October searches conducted at the homes of T. Velikanova and T. Osipova — see “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” in this issue, CCE 54.19).

No. 105 (29 October 1979): Ivan Kovalyov, the son of Sergei Kovalyov, has joined the Moscow Helsinki Group.

No. 106 (30 October 1979): “On an amnesty of political prisoners”.

No. 107 (30 October 1979): “On the trial of six Czechoslovak campaigners for the rule of law”.

No. 108 (30 October 1979): “Chistopol Prison” (see CCE 53 and the present issue, CCE 54.13).

No. 109 (30 October 1979): “On the imprisonment of people serving 25-year terms, invalids, old people and women.”

No. 110 (30 October 1979): “The amnesty for women, declared in connection with the International Year of the Child, does not extend to prisoners of conscience”.

No. 111 (3 November 1979): “A sharp increase in the persecution of the movement for the rule of law in the USSR” (on the arrests of T. Velikanova, G. Yakunin and A. Terleckas — see present issue CCE 54.1 & CCE 54.18).