In Exile (44.19)

<< No 44 : 16 March 1977 >> In February 1977, Julia Okulova-Voznesenskaya (CCE 43) was transported from Leningrad to Vorkuta to serve the 5-year exile prescribed to her by a court. She ended the hunger-strike declared on 21 December at the beginning of February, not long before the transportation. * In January 1977, at … Continue reading In Exile (44.19)

In Exile, August 1977 to February 1978 (48.11)

At the beginning of December 1977 MVD Colonel Krivonogov arrived in the Vershino-Shakhtama settlement (Shelopugino district, Chita Region) where Malva Landa (CCE 46.1) was in exile. Not finding Landa, he left. The following morning the district policeman told her that Colonel Krivonogov wanted to talk to her about an amnesty. On this same visit Colonel … Continue reading In Exile, August 1977 to February 1978 (48.11)