Death of a Dissenter

The mid-1980s were marked by the deaths of several dissenters as a result of the treatment meted out in the Soviet penal service's maximum-security facilities: Valery MARCHENKO in 1984 (Haass Hospital, Leningrad); Vasyl STUS in 1985 (Perm 36); and Anatoly MARCHENKO in 1986 (Chistopol Prison). In all three cases lack of appropriate medical care is … Continue reading Death of a Dissenter

Persecution of Believers-1, March 1978 (CCE 48.16)

[1] Catholics in Moldavia; [2] Adventists. CATHOLICS IN MOLDAVIA There are 15,000 Catholics in Moldavia. They are Germans, Poles and Ukrainians. Communities of Catholics exist in Beltsy, Bendery, Tiraspol, Rashkovo, Grigorovka, Andriyashevka and other towns and villages. In the only Catholic chapel open in Moldavia the priest, Vladislav Zavalnyuk, is forbidden to give sermons in … Continue reading Persecution of Believers-1, March 1978 (CCE 48.16)