Samizdat Update (51.21)

<<No 51 : 1 December 1978>> (1) A. Sakharov: “The Human Rights Movement in the USSR and Eastern Europe: Aims, Significance, Difficulties” (8 November 1978, 12 pp.) “The word ‘movement’ in the title of this article is not intended to bring to mind any sort of organization, or association, or, still less, party. It simply … Continue reading Samizdat Update (51.21)

First Responses (54.1-1)

TO THE ARRESTS OF VELIKANOVA AND YAKUNIN <<No 54 : 15 November 1979>> A statement by the MOSCOW HELSINKI GROUP The Group to Assist the Implementation of the Helsinki Agreements  in the USSR: Document No. 111 (3 November 1979) “A sharp increase in the persecution of the movement for the rule of law in the … Continue reading First Responses (54.1-1)

1 November 1979 (54.1)

<<No 54 : 15 November 1979>> On this day, Tatyana Mikhailovna VELIKANOVA, a veteran participant of the movement to defend the rule of law, and Orthodox priest Gleb Pavlovich YAKUNIN, a founder-member of the Christian Committee for the Defence of Believers' Rights in the USSR, were arrested in Moscow. T. Velikanova and G. Yakunin were … Continue reading 1 November 1979 (54.1)

Political Releases (53.1)

<<No 53 : 1 August 1979>> Pardons, April 1979. On 15 June 1970, a group of people who were planning to hijack an aeroplane and escape abroad in it were arrested in Leningrad. In December of the same year, they were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, and on two of them, Mark Dymshits and … Continue reading Political Releases (53.1)

Solzhenitsyn to the Patriarch; Zheludkov’s reply, March-April 1972 (25.5)

<<No 25 : 20 May 1972>> In March 1972 A. I. Solzhenitsyn sent a letter to Pimen, Patriarch of All Russia [note 1]. In answer to the appeal in the Patriarch’s Christmas message to all “Orthodox believers living abroad,” [note 2] that they should instil in their children a love for the Church and strengthen … Continue reading Solzhenitsyn to the Patriarch; Zheludkov’s reply, March-April 1972 (25.5)