In Exile (44.19)

<< No 44 : 16 March 1977 >> In February 1977, Julia Okulova-Voznesenskaya (CCE 43) was transported from Leningrad to Vorkuta to serve the 5-year exile prescribed to her by a court. She ended the hunger-strike declared on 21 December at the beginning of February, not long before the transportation. * In January 1977, at … Continue reading In Exile (44.19)

Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in USSR (1970-1986)

<<Other texts and documents>> By the mid-1970s the Chronicle regularly published a section reporting on “The persecution of [religious] believers”. Often it was further subdivided between Adventists, Pentecostalists and Baptists, joined from time to time by Orthodox Christians and Catholics in Moldova. References to the harassment of Jehovah’s Witnesses are far less frequent, as the … Continue reading Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses in USSR (1970-1986)