Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea (2020)

Monstrous sentences against CRIMEAN TATAR journalists & activists <<Other texts and documents>> In the last decades of the Soviet regime, dissidents received 7-10 year sentences for "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda". Modern Russia, persecuting Ukrainian citizens on illegally occupied territory for their religious beliefs and political views, is doubling such sentences. Seven Crimean Tatar civic journalists … Continue reading Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea (2020)

No 31 : 17 May 1974

ACTION IN DEFENCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE SOVIET UNION CONTINUES *** Some of the reports in this issue have been digitised. The others may be located by page numbers in the pdf version (CCE Nos 28-31) after the items in this Contents page *** Introduction PART ONE: Events of 1973-1974  [pdf, 65-71] (1) The … Continue reading No 31 : 17 May 1974

The “resettlement” of Crimean Tatars in the Crimea, April 1969 (7.7)

«No 7 : 30 April 1969» In 1968 the Uzbek authorities announced that Crimean Tartars would return to the Crimea in a planned way, making work contracts with representatives from the Crimea who had come to Uzbekistan. In this way they tried to avert the planned mass exit of Crimean Tartars to the Crimea. In … Continue reading The “resettlement” of Crimean Tatars in the Crimea, April 1969 (7.7)