The 63 published and translated issues of A Chronicle of Current Events
can be accessed through the menu bar above.

[1] EARLY ISSUES (CCE 1-24: April 1968 to May 1972) have been fully digitized

The contents of every report they contain may be searched in a variety of ways as indicated in the right-hand column of this page: Search (e.g. Grigorenko), Guided Search (e.g. Tashkent) or Themes (e.g. dismissal).

Certain short phrases, e.g. Working Commission, are used to indicate an organisation with a longer title — in this case the “Working Commission on the Abuse of Psychiatry for Political Purposes”.

Such abridged forms are listed separately (Guided Search).

[2] LATER ISSUES (CCE 25-58 & 60-64: May 1972 to June 1982) remain partly or wholly in pdf form

The contents pages of the pdf issues are included in the various digitized search facilities. The individual reports they contain can quickly be accessed by turning to the pages indicated within the pdf file.

For example

In its pdf version Issue 32-33 has 105 pages and we have given those numbers on the Contents Page (not the 193 pages of the original print version).

(An entire pdf issue can be rapidly searched using  Ctrl-F in your browser and entering the name, place or term you want to find.)


You can scroll through the contents pages of successive issues of the Chronicle by clicking on the hyperlink to the next issue at the end of each page.

The dating of each issue

The date on each issue does not indicate when it was first published (circulated),
but the date of the last information it contains.

The discrepancy between the two was not great in the 1960s and early 1970s but towards the end, in the 1980s, as the issues grew larger and pressure from the Soviet authorities increased, the first appearance of the Chronicle in Moscow (see publication details at the foot of Contents Pages for CCE 60-64) might be months after its formal date.

For example

Issue 63 (31 December 1981) was 230 pages long and it did not appear in the Soviet capital until March 1983.

Further work on this project

We would welcome the donation or loan of hard copies of later issues of the Chronicle (from No 29 onwards).

They are far easier to scan. And proof-reading the resulting files is much simpler.

Many reports of the mid- to late 1970s about particular individuals (Vladimir Bukovsky and Mustafa Dzhemilev, for example) or about the Helsinki Groups (CCE 40.13 onwards) have already been uploaded to the website as sequences rather than adding a complete issue at a time.

Taken together the 64 issues of the Chronicle are roughly equivalent to 6,000 typescript pages. That cumulative text mentions approximately 10,000 individuals and makes reference to about 20,000 publications, almost all of them samizdat.

The Tag Cloud (Guided Search) and the Categories (Themes) in the right-hand column of the page offer some approximation to the published Index of the printed originals.

Until all 63 issues has been completely digitized
these are only a partial aid for searching

[a] the texts of issues 1-24,

[b] the contents pages of issues 25-58, 60-64, and

[c] any reports after issue 24 that have already been digitized.

9 April 2019