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250 names of places, people, publications and organisations are shown in the Guided Search section of the right-hand column. (Аnother eighty are being recorded.) ♦ Soviet Republics and cities (see also Maps) The described events all took place in the USSR and its 15 constituent Union Republics. e.g. Uzbek SSR. (Certain Autonomous Republics (ASSR) within … Continue reading Guided Search

No 62 : 14 July 1981

THE STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE SOVIET UNION CONTINUES None of the reports in this issue have been digitised. Page numbers for the pdf version (CCE No 62, see below) are given to the right of the items in this Contents page * 1. The Death of Juri Kukk  [6] 2. The Arrest of … Continue reading No 62 : 14 July 1981