After release (46.11)

<<No 46 : 15 August 1977>> Vitaly Vasilyevich KALINICHENKO (b. 1937) [CCEs 34, 41] was released in March 1976 and settled in Dnepropetrovsk Region (in the settlement of Vasilkovka, 2 Shchors St.). Since then, he has been constantly under administrative surveillance (on 6 October, H years of surveillance comes to an end). On 5 March … Continue reading After release (46.11)

After Release (44.18)

<< No 44 : 16 March 1977 >> Kronid Lyubarsky On 17 January 1977, Kronid Arkadyevich LYUBARSKY left Vladimir Prison after serving his full 5-year sentence. Despite his categorical objections (his family lives in the settlement of Chernogolovka near Moscow), in his “Release Document”  the paragraph “To be sent to …”  was inscribed “Tarusa in … Continue reading After Release (44.18)

Chronology: Dec. 1976 to March 1977 (44.1)

<<No 44 : 16 March 1977>>  December 197618Exchange of Vladimir Bukovsky and Luis Corvalan24Searches among members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group25Psychiatric arrest of Vladimir Borisov (Leningrad) January 19774Searches among members of Moscow Helsinki Group TASS announcement of link between Helsinki Group and NTS5Creation of the Working Commission to Investigate the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes Yury Mnyukh … Continue reading Chronology: Dec. 1976 to March 1977 (44.1)