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On 4 November 1972, the poet Yury Galanskov died in the prison hospital at Barashevo in Mordovia. He was 33 years old. Together with Alexander Ginzburg and two others, Galanskov was prosecuted and convicted at a closed trial in January 1968.  

Vladimir Bukovsky, 1942-2019

Belebei (USSR), 30 December 1942 — Cambridge (UK), 27 October 2019. Vladimir BUKOVSKY died of cardiac arrest in Addenbrookes Hospital, in Cambridge, England at 9:30 pm (Greenwich Mean Time) on Sunday, 27 October 2019. He was 76. His health had been poor in recent years. After his expulsion from the USSR in December 1976, he … Continue reading Vladimir Bukovsky, 1942-2019

Political Prisoners, 1 February 1987 (KGB report)

KGB report to Gorbachev (Bukovsky Archives online). The numbers then serving a sentence under Articles 70,  190-1 and 142 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. One third held in psychiatric institutions; encouraging applications for a pardon from such prisoners; terms of release terms eased [Russian 1 Feb 87, 183-Ch] (9 pp)  Excerpts. ================================== [page one of … Continue reading Political Prisoners, 1 February 1987 (KGB report)

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The 63 published and translated issues of A Chronicle of Current Events can be accessed through the menu bar above. (1) Many of the early issues (CCE 1-24 : April 1968-May 1972) have been fully digitized The contents of every report they contain may be searched in a variety of ways as indicated in the … Continue reading USING THIS WEBSITE

«Хроника» возникла самозарождением

"Почти как стихи…" Интервью с Натальей Горбаневской (Париж, 2003). Наталья Евгеньевна ГОРБАНЕВСКАЯ (1936–2013)  — поэт, переводчик, журналист. Основатель и первый издатель самиздатского бюллетеня «Хроника текущих событий». Участница «демонстрации семерых» на Красной площади 25 августа 1968. Член Инициативной группы по защите прав человека в СССР. Наталья Евгеньевна, расскажите, как вы оказались в кругу диссидентов? Слово «диссиденты», … Continue reading «Хроника» возникла самозарождением

Obituaries: Boris Talantov, Nikolai Samsonov, March 1971 (18.12)

«No 18 : 5 March 1971» Boris V. TALANTOV (1903-1971] On 4 January 1971 Boris Vladimirovich Talantov (b. 1903) died in the prison hospital in Kirov [Volga District]. He was arrested on 12 June 1969 and at the beginning of September sentenced under Article 190-1 of the Russian Criminal Code to three years' imprisonment (CCE … Continue reading Obituaries: Boris Talantov, Nikolai Samsonov, March 1971 (18.12)

KGB report about samizdat, 15 January 1971

Secretariat circulates KGB report, dated 21 December 1970 (Bukovsky Archives online). Notes recent evolution of samizdat from literary works to political publications; recommends obstruction and suppression of this trend. [Russian 15 January 1971, St 119-11] total 5 pp. ===================================== Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE Must be returned … Continue reading KGB report about samizdat, 15 January 1971


No 6 : 28 February 1969 6.2 The case of Boris Kochubievsky [1] "... who is of Russian nationality". This does not refer just to Larisa Kochubievskaya's ethnic and cultural background and origins in the multi-ethnic Soviet Union. From 196// onwards Soviet ID documents (internal "passports") carried an entry that, from 16 years onwards, fixed … Continue reading COMMENTARY No 6