Documents 112-116a of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Dec 1979 (55.10)

<<Moscow Helsinki Group documents, 1976-1982>>

No. 112: “On the acceptance of Jewish students into the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow University” (see CCEs 51, 53 & 54).

No, 113 (10 December 1979): “The arrest of Moscow Helsinki Group member Viktor Nekipelov” (see this issue, “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” CCE 55.2).

No. 114 (11 December 1979): “The persecution of people connected with the journal Searches continued. The arrest of Valery Abramkin” (see this issue, “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” CCE 55.2).

No. 115 (12 December 1979): “The persecution of people involved in the Christian Seminar and the religious and philosophical journal Community continues. Alexander Ogorodnikov and Vladimir Poresh are in prison on charges of ‘anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda’” (in this issue see “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations”, CCE 55.2).

No. 116 (12 December 1979): “On the situation of political exiles”. A list of 47 political exiles is given in an appendix.

No. 116a (13 December 1979): A message of thanks to the International League of Human Rights for awarding their 1979 prize to Yu. Orlov (telegram).


By December 1979, 502 people in our country had signed the Moscow Helsinki Group’s appeal on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Document No. 69; 8 December 1978; CCE 52.16). Signatures are still being collected.