Letters and Statements, August 1980 (57.24)

<<No 57 : 3 August 1980>>

79 signatures: “In defence of Valery Abramkin” (31 December 1979)

E. Bonner-Sakharova: “To Mr Armand Hammer” (8 July 1980)

A plea to help Ye. Alexeyeva (see “Sakharov in Administrative Exile”) to obtain permission to emigrate to the USA.

V. Sysoyev: “An Open Letter to Cartoonists”

The author (CCE 53-4) calls for the creation of a committee ‘Cartoonists to Defend Civilization’. He writes:

“My name is Vyacheslav Sysoyev. I am a cartoonist and I live in Russia. I have been expelled from the Union of Graphic Artists.

“Now they are searching for me as if I were a common criminal. If I am found I shall be put in a concentration camp. It is two years since I last lived at home.”


Documents 128-137 of the Moscow Helsinki Group: April-June 1980

<<Moscow Helsinki Group documents, 1976-1982>>

No. 128 (11 April 1980): “Searches at the Homes of Members of Unofficial Groups and Associations”. Describes searches which took place in Moscow on 10 April 1980 (CCE 56)

No. 130 (5 May 1980): The Arrest of Alexander Lavut (see CCE 56.6).

No. 131 (5 May 1980): “On the Violation of the Right to a Defence Counsel in Cases of Prisoners of Conscience”.

No. 133 (28 May 1980): The Arrest of Tatyana Osipova (see present issue, CCE 57.2).

No. 134 (8 June 1980): “Persecution of members of Initiative Group to Defend the Rights of the Disabled” (see present issue, CCE 57.5).

No. 135 (9 June 1980): “On the Declaration of the Moscow Helsinki Group to be a Hostile Grouping” (see “A Warning to the Group” in this issue, CCE 57.2).

No 136 (07 June 1980): “The Arrest of Alexander Podrabinek” (see present issue, CCE 57.3).

No. 137 (17 June 1980): The Trial of Victor Nekipelov (see present issue, CCE 57.2).