Moscow Helsinki Group Documents 39-49: Mar-April 1978 (49.19)

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No. 39 (14 March 1978): “On the conference in Belgrade”

“The Belgrade Conference is over. The final document did not reflect the five-month discussions on various aspects of the fulfilment of the Helsinki Final Act and particularly on the fulfilment of its humanitarian aspects. The whole of the final documents contains no mention of human rights and is a step backwards from the Act itself, which confirms the indissoluble connection between the observance of human rights and security and cooperation …

“We also see a potential danger in the final document in the fact that the conditions of the 1980 Madrid Conference will be in part determined by this final document, which contains no mention of human rights …”

No. 40 (15 March 1978): “A statement on the case of Anatoly Shcharansky” (see this issue, “Helsinki Groups under Investigation”, CCE 49.6).

No. 41 (15 March 1978): “On P. G. Grigorenko’s deprivation of Soviet citizenship” (see CCE 48.1).

No. 42 (18 March 1978): “On M. Rostropovich’s and G. Vishnevskaya’s deprivation of Soviet citizenship” (under this document there reappears the signature of Malva Landa, who has just returned from exile, see CCE 48).

No. 43 (6 April 1978): “Discrimination against the Crimean Tatars; Mustafa Dzhemilev (see this issue “Persecution of Crimean Tatars”, CCE 49.12).

[Document No. 44 was not included in CCE 49 issue and has not been found by the 2006 compilers.]

No. 45 (6 April 1978): “Persecution of Adventists” (see this issue “Persecution of Believers”, CCE 49.14).

No. 46 (20 April 1978): “Deprivation of the right to work and the right of residence, for political purposes” (see “After Release” in CCE 48 and this issue).

No. 47 (21 April 1978): “The abuse of the laws on labour. On forced labour through application of article 209 of the Russian Criminal Code and corresponding articles in other republics: cases of J. Begun (CCE 46), P. Vins (CCE 48 and this issue), M. Dzhemilev and A. Seitmuratova (“Persecution of Crimean Tatars” in this issue), L. Murzhenko (see this issue “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations”, CCE 49.7) and V. Poplavsky (see this issue “Miscellaneous Reports”, CCE 49.).

No. 48 (27 April 1978): “The Chronicle of Current Events is Ten Years Old”.

No. 49 (30 April 1978): “On the violation of the right of collective farm workers to emigrate and to leave the collective farm” (see this issue “The Right to Leave”, CCE 49.15).