Corrections to previous issues, December 1968 (5.5)

<<No 5 : 31 December 1968>>

In Issue 2 Lev Skvortsov was described as participating in the expert linguistic assessment of the Sinyavsky-Daniel case [CCE 2.2]. In fact, he did not take part and the work was actually done by Kostomarov, who is at present director of the Centre for Russian Language Teaching at Moscow University.


In issue 4 the description of the trial of the Red Square demonstrators said that between submitting two reports the policeman called as a witness was summoned for interrogation by the KGB [CCE 4.1]. He was actually called for interrogation by the procurator’s office. The witness’ surname, incidentally, is Rozanov and his photograph can be seen on the inside front cover of For Traffic Safety, No 11, 1968.