Moscow Helsinki Group Documents, 117-129: Jan.-April 1980 (56.26)

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No. 117 (6-11 January 1980): “New Persecution of Moscow Helsinki Group Members” (On M. Landa and T. Osipova, see this issue, CCE 56.3).

No. 118 (19 January 1980): “The Persecution of Believers Continues” (On the arrest of L. Regelson and the priest D. Dudko — see CCE 55 and this issue, CCE 56.9).

No. 119 (21 January 1980): On Afghanistan.

[For Document No. 120, see CCE 60.24.]

No. 121 (29 January 1980): “In Defence of Academician Sakharov” (see in this issue “The Exile of Sakharov”, CCE 56.1).

No. 122 (15 February 1980): “On obstacles preventing families of German citizens of the USSR from being reunited” This document is reproduced below (from the section “The Right to Leave” in this issue, CCE 56.19).

“The Moscow Helsinki Group has received a letter signed by 98 German citizens of the USSR whose families have for many years been trying unsuccessfully to join their close relatives in West Germany.

“Helsinki Group member E. Bonner has given copies of this letter to the press.

“The Moscow Helsinki Group believes that the rights of these families have been grossly violated. The denial of their right to emigrate to West Germany clearly contravenes Basket 3 of the Final Act of the European Conference in Helsinki.

“The Group asks the UN Commission on Human Rights, the US Congressional Committee on Human Rights, all governments who signed the Helsinki Final Act, and, in particular, the West German government, to study this letter from 98 German families and to help them emigrate to West Germany.”

No. 123 (18 February 1980): “Oppression of the Working Commission to Investigate the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes” (in this issue, see “The Persecution of the Working Commission” CCE 56.4).

On 15 February A. D. Sakharov wrote from Gorky: “I ask to add my signature to the Moscow Helsinki Group’s document in defence of Slava Bakhmin, and protest against the threats of psychiatric internment made to Malva Landa.”

No. 124 (19 March 1980): “On the Arrest of Malva Landa, Helsinki Group Member”.

No. 125 (26 March 1980): Working Commission members L. Ternovsky and F. Serebrov have joined the Moscow Helsinki Group.

[Document No. 126, was not listed in CCE 56 and has not been found by the 2006 compilers.]

No. 127 (26 March 1980): “The Trial of Malva Landa”.

[For Document No. 128, see CCE 57.24.]

No. 129 (12 April 1980): “The Arrest of Leonard Ternovsky”.