Moscow Helsinki Group Documents 82-98: Mar-July 1979 (53.31)

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No. 82 (15 March 1979): “Another wave of repressions: gross violations of freedoms and human rights in the Ukraine in Leningrad, Moscow and Tashkent” (in this issue see “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations”, “Persecution of Believers”, Trial of Volokhonsky”, “The Trial of Mustafa Dzhemilev” CCE 53.2, “Trials of Adventists”, CCE 53.3).

No. 83 (5 April 1979): “The Trial of Josif Zisels” (See “Trial of Zisels” in this issue, CCE 53.5).

No. 84 (14 April 1979): “On the Persecution of Pyotr Vins” (See “Beatings-up in the Ukraine” in the section “Miscellaneous Reports” in this issue, CCE 53.30).

No. 85 (21 April 1979): “Violation of socio-economic Human Rights in the USSR: The Right to Work”.

No. 86 (25 April 1979): Threat of New Repressions for Free Speech” (See “The case of the Journal Poiski (Searches)” in the section “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” in this issue, CCE 53.15).

No. 87 (25 April 1979): “On the Situation of Prisoners in the Camps of the USSR”. A report compiled by the political prisoners Yu. Orlov, N. Matusevich, Z. Antonyuk and Valery Marchenko.

No. 88 (13 May 1979): “The Life of political prisoner Igor Ogurtsov in danger” (See “In the Prisons and Camps” in this issue, CCE 53.20).

No. 89 (20 May 1979): “On the abuse of psychiatry for political purposes” (See “In the Psychiatric Hospitals” in this issue, CCE 53.22).

No. 90 (20 May 1979): “A new threat against A. D. Sakharov”. V. Nekipelov and V. Fefelov received an anonymous letter: “On 3 June an attempt on the life of A. D. Sakharov is planned”. The Helsinki Group expresses its alarm.

No. 91 (5 June 1979): “On emigration from the USSR” (See “The Right to Leave” in this issue, CCE 53.26).

No. 92 (5 June 1979): “Persecution of the editors of Searches continues” (See “The Case of the Journal Searches” in the section “Arrests, Searches, Interrogations” in this issue, CCE 53.15).

No. 93 (11 June 1979): “Freedom for all the Helsinki Group members imprisoned in the USSR!”

“The question of trust towards the Soviet side will obviously and not so obviously play a significant role in the deliberations on SALT-2 in the Senate … We consider it absolutely essential that the signing of SALT-2 should be accompanied by a minimal display of good-will such as the release of all Helsinki Group members in the USSR …”

No. 94 (15 June 1979): “Persecution of the participants of independent associations to defend the socio-economic rights of working people continues. Founder member of the Free Inter-trade Association of Working People (FIAWP) Lev Volokhonsky sentenced by a Leningrad court” (See “The Trial of Volokhonsky” in this issue, CCE 53.11).

No. 95 (16 June 1979): “Persecution of believers. The suppression of freedom of conscience, freedom of beliefs, freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the Soviet Union is not ceasing.” Trials of Adventists” (See “Trials of Adventists” in this issue, CCE 53.3, and “Persecution of Believers” in this issue, CCE 53.25).

No. 96 (20 June 1979): “Human rights activists barred from work in their profession”.

No. 97 (26 June 1979) “In defence of political prisoner Sergei Kovalyov” (See “In the Prisons and Camps” in this issue, CCE 53.20).

No. 98 (8 July 1979): “Political trials of workers in the USSR” (See “Trial of Kuleshov” in this issue, CCE 53.10, and “Trial of Kukobaka” in this issue CCE 53.13).