Arrests – socialists and religious samizdat people, 6 April 1982 (64.3)

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The Case of the “Socialists”[1]

On 6 April in Moscow Boris Yulevich Kagarlitsky (b. 1958), Andrei Vasilevich Fadin (b. 1953), Pavel Mikhailovich Kudyukin (b. 1953), Yury Leonidovich Khavkin (b. 1949) and Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernetsky (b. 1950) were arrested. They were all charged under Article 70 of the RSFSR Criminal Code.

The same day in connection with this case searches were carried out in Moscow at the homes of Irena Beilis, Konstantin Baranovsky, Ilya Sultanov, Pyotr Volkov, Alexei Zverev, Olga Ivanova, Olga Isakova and Dmitry Mongait.

On 21 April in connection with this case Alexander Yurevich Shilkov (b. 1952), living in Petrozavodsk, was arrested. He was charged under Article 70 of the RSFSR Criminal Code.

On 8 June Mikhail Germanovich Rivkin (b. 1954), living in Moscow, was arrested.

Those arrested are charged with publishing the “socialist” samizdat journals Left Turn, Variations and Socialism and the Future.

The Case of the “Religious samizdat” people

On 6 April in Moscow the following were arrested: Sergei Alexandrovich Budarov (b. 1946), Victor Vasilevich Burdyug (b. 1946), Nikolai Vladimirovich Blokhin (b. 1945) and Alexander Konstantinovich Sidorov-Rozanov (b. 1946).

At the search at Budarov’s house a large quantity of printed matter (the record lists 131 items) was confiscated, mostly of a religious nature (many of them bound photocopies). After the search Budarov was arrested. He was charged under Article 162 of the RSFSR Criminal Code (“engaging in forbidden trade”). On 14 April another search was carried out at Budarov’s flat at which several religious books were confiscated as well as a photocopy of The Technology of Power by Avtorkhanov.

From Burdyug religious literature was confiscated. He wasn’t present at the search. He had gone out before the search and was arrested somewhere away from home.

From Sidorov many photocopies of religious literature were confiscated.

In connection with this case on 6 April searches were carried out in Moscow at the homes of Sergei Bychkov, Grigory Zaichenko, Natalya Kapitanov, Valery Izyumov, Natalya Maximova, Boris and Galina Khokhlov, Nikolai Chestnykh, Yury Goryainov (at his dacha) and Vladimir Kokorin.

Those arrested have been charged with reproducing religious literature.



[1] With two exceptions, those arrested in the “Socialists” case, were pardoned and released in February 1983. Alexander Shilkov was sentenced in November 1982 under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code to three years’ imprisonment and three years’ internal exile. In July 1983 Mikhail Rivkin was given the maximum sentence under Article 70: seven years’ imprisonment, followed by five years’ exile.

More information about the case can be found in entries for 1982 and 1983 in USSR News Brief (Vesti iz SSSR), the fortnightly human rights bulletin issued by Kronid Lyubarsky in Munich between November 1978 and December 1991 (in Russian).