Political Prisoners, 1 February 1987 (KGB report)

KGB report to Gorbachev (Bukovsky Archives online). The numbers then serving a sentence under Articles 70,  190-1 and 142 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. One third held in psychiatric institutions; encouraging applications for a pardon from such prisoners; terms of release terms eased [Russian 1 Feb 87, 183-Ch] (9 pp)  Excerpts. ================================== [page one of … Continue reading Political Prisoners, 1 February 1987 (KGB report)

No 62 : 14 July 1981

THE STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE SOVIET UNION CONTINUES None of the reports in this issue have been digitised. Page numbers for the pdf version (CCE No 62, see below) are given to the right of the items in this Contents page * 1. The Death of Juri Kukk  [6] 2. The Arrest of … Continue reading No 62 : 14 July 1981