Additions and Corrections to Chronicle No. 14, August 1970 (15.12)

<<No 15 : 31 August 1970>>

[1] “The Soviet press on the persecution of dissenters” section. The newspaper report from Riga contains an error: for Misulovich read Misudovin.

[2] In the report of the trial of Zaitsev the defence counsel Kheifits was called the Procurator [in some copies of the Chronicle, but not that received in the West, ed]

[3] Further information on the Leningrad aeroplane affair [CCE 14.11, item 3]. Those not named by the Chronicle among the twelve people apprehended are Anatoly Altman, aged 29 (Riga) and Mendel Bodnya (Riga), also Vulf Zalmanson, an officer of the reserve, and his brother Isaac.

[4] The “Letter to V. M. Molotov for members of the Politburo” [CCE 9.9, item 10] was summarized in Issue 9 of the Chronicle. The date when it was written was incorrectly given as 19 February instead of 19 March 1922. The events in Shuya described in the “letter” took place on 15 March.

The question as to whether this “letter” is genuine or not is settled by a passage in ‘Dates of V. I. Lenin’s life and work, 6 March 1922 to 21 January 1924’. This reads: “19 March. Lenin writes to the members of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist Party about the need to crush decisively the clergy’s resistance to the execution of the decree of 23 February 1922 on the confiscation of church valuables, with the aim of obtaining means to fight the famine.” (V. I. Lenin, Complete Works, 5th edition, vol. 45, pp. 666-667).