Corrections and Additions, July 1974 (32.23)

<<No 32 : 17 July 1974>>

From the information given in CCE 15.3 about the case of Revolt Pimenov it might have been thought that the doctor who was treating him, Dr Goland, took part in the psychiatric commission [1949] which at one time ruled him to be ‘schizophrenic’.

This impression is not correct: according to Pimenov, Dr Goland fulfilled her medical duty properly at all times.


In December 1973, the delegate of the Crimean Tatars arrested at Samarkand airport before flying to Moscow was Shevki Mukhteremov, not [Seidamet] Memetov, as erroneously reported in CCE 31.15.


Vadim Nikolayevich SOKOLOV (“The case of Pirogov”) was mistakenly called “Vladimir” in CCE 30.7.