Bibliographical Note, 1979 (CCE 51)

<<No 51 : 1 December 1978>>

The original Russian text of Chronicle 51, of which this book is a translation, appeared as a booklet without annotations, Khronika tekushchikh sobytii, Khronika Press: New York, 1979.


Earlier issues of the Chronicle are available in English from two main sources. Numbers 16-51 have been published by Amnesty International Publications with annotations and indexes of names, all issues except No. 16 still being in print. Nos. 1-11 (1968-1969) appeared in full, with annotations and 76 photographs, in Peter Reddaway’s Uncensored Russia: The Human Rights Movement in the Soviet Union, London and New York, 1972.

Future issues of A Chronicle of Current Events will be published in English by Amnesty International Publications as they become available. Other books and periodicals in which readers can find more details about many of the people mentioned in the Chronicle were listed in the annotated bibliographies in the Amnesty International editions of numbers 22-23 and 27, and also appear in the endnotes in each volume.


Many texts, referred to briefly in the Chronicle, have appeared in full in CHR, the Chronicle of Human Rights in the USSR (New York), a quarterly in separate Russian and English editions [CCE 29.1]. Documents of the Helsinki Groups may be found in the volumes listed in endnote 2 of Chronicles 43-5. The Samizdat Bulletin, San Mateo (California) monthly, is also a useful source.

In French the best source of samizdat texts is the monthly Cahiers du Samizdat (Brussels); in German, the bimonthly Menschenrechte-Schiksale Dokumente (Frankfurt); in Italian, the bimonthly Russia Cristiana (Milan); and in Dutch, the bimonthly Ritsland Builetin (Amsterdam).

For many religious texts, see the quarterly Religion in Communist Lands, Keston College (UK). For Jewish texts see the weekly Jews in the USSR (London).

For Lithuanian texts see translated issues of The Chronicle of the Lithuanian Catholic Church, published as booklets in New York; translations of this periodical and other Lithuanian samizdat are also available from ELTA, New York.


The most comprehensive source of current, up-to-date information on the sort of events reported with some delay by the Chronicle is the fortnightly USSR News Brief edited by Dr. Cronid Lubarsky and available from Cahiers du Samizdat (Brussels). At present this appears only in Russian. Dr. Lubarsky has featured in many issues of the Chronicle since 1972, where his name is spelled Kronid Lyubarsky. He left the Soviet Union in 1977 [CCE 47.8].

July 1979, London