Documents 191-194 of the Moscow Helsinki Group (64.21)

<<Moscow Helsinki Group documents, 1976-1982>>

No 191 (3 February 1982) “Five years since the arrest of Yury Orlov” (see “In the Prisons and Camps” in this issue, CCE 64.13).

No 192 (2 March 1982) “Persecution of Citizens Wishing to Leave the USSR Continues” (see “The Right to Leave”, CCE 64.12).

No 193 (2 March 1982) “New repressive measures against the Podrabinek family” (see “In the Prisons and Camps”, CCE 64.13).

No 194 (2 April 1982) “Conviction of Member of the Moscow Helsinki Group Ivan Kovalyov“ (see “The Trial of Ivan Kovalyov” in this issue, CCE 64.1).