Moscow Helsinki Group Documents 175-190: July-Dec 1981 (63.24)

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No. 175 (31 July 1981) “The trial of Irina Grivnina” (see this issue, CCE 63.1)

No. 176 (29 July 1981) “The trial of Felix Serebrov, the last member of the Working Commission” (CCE 63.1)

No. 177 (9 August 1981) The trial of Mikhail Zotov.

No. 178 () The trial of Anatoly Koryagin (see CCE 62.4).

No. 179 (12 August 1981) “The persecution of the Raush family”

No. 180 (20 August 1981) “The arrest and trial of Stanislav Zubko (CCE 62.15 and this issue, CCE 63.)

No. 181 (29 August 1981) ”The arrest of Helsinki Group member Ivan Kovalyov (see this issue, CCE 63.3)

No. 182 (5 September 1981) “Repressive measures against those who wish to leave the USSR”.

No. 183 (6 September 1981): “The trial of Anatoly Marchenko(see this issue, CCE 63.4).

No . 184 ( 23 October 1981) “The 40th anniversary of the mass shooting  of Jews at Baby Yar” (see “Events in the Ukraine” in this issue, CCE 63.11).

No. 185 (30 October 1981): “30 October is Political Prisoners’ Day (see in this issue “In the Prisons and Camps’, CCE 63.16).

No. 186 () “The arrest and trial of Raisa Rudenko”

No. 187 (18 December 1981) “The arrest and trial of Alexander Magidovich(CCE 61).

No. 188 () “The traditional 10 December demonstration in Pushkin Square, Moscow” (in this issue see “Miscellaneous Reports”, CCE 63.23).

No. 189 ( 21 December 1981) “The trial of Boris Chernobylsky” (in this issue see “The Right to Leave”, CCE 63.14).

No. 190 ( 21 December 1981): “Persecution of the Russian Public Fund to Assist Political Prisoners and their Families” (in this issue, see CCE 63.24). Extract:

“…The authorities have lately been paying more ‘attention’ to the Fund . Pressure is being put on many people who contribute to its work. Many ( in particular N. Lisovskaya and A. Romanova) have had their telephones disconnected; there are constant searches during which belongings, food and money are confiscated; people are summoned by the KGB for interrogation, dismissed from their jobs, and threatened with administrative and legal action. The threats are starting to become reality.

“On 9 December, the Bauman district soviet in Moscow took a decision not sanctioned by law, to order the administrative expulsion for two years from Moscow of Rushania Fedyakina, who had been active on the Fund’s behalf.

“On 8 December, Valery Repin, also a Fund worker, was arrested in Leningrad. As a result of an unconfirmed report, he has been charged under Article 70 of the RSFSR Criminal Code (“anti-Soviet  agitation and propaganda”). Repin is now in a KGB investigations prison.

“The home of Sergei Khodorovich, the Fund’s administrator, has been searched three times during the past year. All papers and documents relating to the Fund’s activities were confiscated; this seriously disrupted the compiling of the Fund’s accounts for 1981.

“The actions of the authorities are clearly intended to stop the work of the Fund — the only charitable organisation in the USSR.”