Additions and Corrections, June 1970 (14.13)

<<No 14 : 30 June 1970>>

In CCE 13.8 the almanach Bridges [Mosty] was incorrectly called an “NTS journal” in the report of the trial of Bakhtiyarov (Kiev). Bridges //was published by TsOPE, the Central Union of Political Emigre’s from the USSR.

The item “Circumstances surrounding the investigation of the case of N. Gorbanevskaya” (CCE 13.10, item 15) included the following inaccuracy: A. G. Sokolov is the dean of the philological faculty of Moscow University, not of Tartu University.

For “Tolstova” and “Teleshova” in CCE 12.9 (item 11) and CCE 13.10 (item 13), respectively, read “Teletova” in both cases.