Those arrested in 1969-1970 (17.14)

«No 17 : 31 December 1970»

(January 1971 Supplement to Chronicle No 17)


Those who appeared in an earlier such list (CCE 11.17), are marked with an asterisk. A reference is given in brackets to the issue of the Chronicle of Current Events which reported their subsequent fate.

This first part also includes names of persons arrested or sentenced in 1969 who only came to the notice of the Chronicle in 1970. If no information about them has previously been published, either a reference is given in brackets to the most direct source, or the source is not indicated at all. The most important of these sources [are the Chronicle itself and] the Register of People Convicted in the 1960s [CCE 17.13, No 6].

Information on persons subjected to repression is given in the following order:

[1] First name, patronymic, surname; year of birth, trade or profession.

[2] Date of arrest,

and the Article or Articles of the Criminal Code under which they were charged (cited throughout as the equivalent law in the RSFSR Criminal Code).

[3] The term and degree of punishment.

The type of regime is indicated – in penitentiary facilities

and in ordinary or Special Psychiatric Hospitals [five inmates from Moscow, heading list below (Gershuni, Gorbanevskaya, Grigorenko, Joffe, Novodvorskaya) and one from Estonia (Paramonov)]

The identity and location of the corrective-labour camps, mental hospitals, and so on, is not provided;

[4] The source or reference.

The issue and article number of the Chronicle and/or the Register of People Convicted in the 1960s [CCE 17.11].


In a number of cases, if certain information is unknown to the Chronicle, it is with rare exceptions simply omitted. The use of the question mark is an exception. When placed before the name of an arrested person a question mark indicates the uncertainty of the report: in other cases a question mark refers to the section of the entry which immediately (?) precedes it.

(Names marked with an asterisk are not given a number, as they were already published [CCE 11.17] in the list in Issue 11 of the Chronicle.)


Arrested in 1969, convicted in 1970


People arrested (or arrested and convicted) in 1970

The list concludes [Part Two] with the names of persons who died of natural or unnatural causes at their places of imprisonment between December 1969 and December 1970.