Corrections and additions to No 1, June 1968 (2.8)

No 2, 30 June 1968


The first name of Ogurtsov, convicted in Leningrad [CCE 1.6] in November 1967 is Igor ; the first name of Bochevarov, convicted in Leningrad in February 1968 is Georgy.


The sentence about the material evidence presented at the Moscow trial [CCE 1.1] was misleadingly formulated. The main items were: a copy of the almanac Phoenix 66, confiscated during the search of Galanskov’s apartment; a copy of the same almanac, confiscated during a search of Ginzburg’s apartment; money, a hectograph, paper for cryptography, and NTS pamphlets, confiscated during a search of Dobrovolsky’s apartment; and typewriters confiscated during searches of various people’s apartments. As for the White Book, published in France in February 1967 and an issue of Grani, published in March 1967, both appeared after the defendants’ arrest and quite naturally could not be, and were not, confiscated in any of their apartments.


In some copies of the first issue there was an unconfirmed report that Andrei Sinyavsky was recently offered the opportunity to petition for a pardon [CCE 1.5]. This rumour, in fact, was based on an offer made last year, which has not been repeated.


Since the investigation of Ginzburg’s case first began, Irina Zholkovskaya has been seeking to register her marriage to Ginzburg. The KGB told her that this matter would be decided by the court which would try him. On  19 February 1968 Zholkovskaya was received by Judge Mironov who told her that he had no say in the matter since the case had gone for appeal to the RSFSR Supreme Court.


Khaustov and Bukovsky are serving their sentences in corrective-labour camps. Their addresses are: V.A. Khaustov, Orenburg Region, Sol-Iletsk district, Chashkan, postbox YuK 25/7A; V.K. Bukovsky, Voronezh Region, Bor, postbox OZh 118/4B.