Brief reports, June 1968 (2.7)

No 2, 30 June 1968


A lathe tore fingers from the hand of Vadim Gaenko in Camp No 11 in Mordovia. Gaenko from Leningrad is serving four years under Articles 70 and 72 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for taking part in an illegal Marxist circle and issuing The Bell periodical [see below, item 5].


Yury Galanskov and Alexander Ginzburg arrived at Mordovian Camp No. 17 in May. Their address is: Mordovian ASSR, Potma, Ozerny post office, postbox ZhKh 385/173. From the very first day of their arrival they were set to work sewing mittens for specialized work-clothing. A short while later Yury Galanskov was sent to the hospital camp for the examination of a stomach ulcer [CCE 28.1].

Alexei Dobrovolsky is a member of the construction brigade now working at the same hospital camp. His address is: Mordovian ASSR, Potma, Yavas post office, postbox ZhKh 385/3.


On 12 May 1968 Alexander Volpin was discharged after three months in psychiatric hospitals [CCE 1.3 (2)].


Mathematician and Master of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Ilya Burmistrovich, was arrested in Moscow on 16 May 1968. The investigation is being conducted by the KGB and he has been charged apparently under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. It appears that the real basis for the charges is his samizdat activities. It is said that works by Sinyavsky and Daniel, a stenographic record of their trial, Untimely Thoughts [1918] by Maxim Gorky, and works by Tsvetayeva, Platonov, Kipling, Joyce and others were found in his flat.


At the end of 1967 and in 1968 the following persons were released from the Mordovian political camps on completion of their sentences:

–  Enn Tarto from Tartu [CCE 15.1];

–  Alexander Potapov from Lipetsk, formerly secretary of the city Komsomol committee. He was sentenced to five years under Article 70 for circulating an anti-Khrushchev leaflet;

–  Veniamin Ioffe from Leningrad, sentenced under Articles 70 and 72 to three years for taking part in an illegal Marxist circle and publishing The Bell periodical;

–  Valery Smolkin from Leningrad, sentenced to three years for the same offence.