Additions and Corrections, October 1972 (27.14)

<<No 27 : 15 October 1972>>

1. The report (CCE 24.3) about the confiscation of novels by Solzhenitsyn and Grossman, during a search at the home of Lyubov Serednyak, was erroneous. Issues of the Chronicle (21 and 22) were taken and stories by an unknown author.

2. The search at the home of V. E. Yuvchenko (Kiev) took place on 15 March and not 15 May (CCE 25.2). On the same day there were searches at the homes of S. F. Gluzman (arrested 12 May) and A. Feldman. Feldman was being searched a second time; his home was first searched on 14 January).

3. Lithuanian schoolmistress O. Briliene was dismissed from her job (CCE 25.7), after it became known in the school that her own children were attending church (a photograph which showed her children in a church happened to find its way into a school library book).

4. According to more precise information, about 150 people were detained at the Shevchenko Memorial (CCE 26.8) on the anniversary of the poet’s ashes return to Ukraine. All the detainees were initially released, but after a “check” some were sentenced 24 hours later to 15 days’ detention.