Samizdat Update, July 1972 (26.16)

<<No 26 : 5 July 1972>>

Veche, No. 5 (25 May 1972)


1. Statement by the editors of the journal Veche – a protest against the police swoop by employees of station No. 2 of the Moscow UVD [Department of Internal Affairs] on editor Vladimir Osipov (see this issue, CCE 26.14),

2. “The Role of N. Ya. Danilevsky in World Historiography”. An exposition of the views of one of Slavophilism’s chief theoreticians,

3. Under the general title of “Society and the Church”, this section comprises the letter by A. I. Solzhenitsyn to Patriarch Pimen, the letter by Father Sergy Zheludkov to Solzhenitsyn (see CCE 25.5), and a note about the behaviour of the Moscow police on Easter night.

4. Under the heading “Concerning the 1971 Assembly [Synod]” the journal publishes the “Petition of Priest G. Yakunin” (one of the authors of the well-known 1965 Open Letter to Patriarch Alexy) and an article “On the Old Believers”.

5. [Eric] Voegelin, “On Hegel: An Investigation of Sorcery” (translated by A. Tverdokhlebov). An original view of Hegel the “wizard”, for whom power was dearer than truth and Napoleon more important than Christ.

6. Verses by an unnamed author.

7. N. Reshetovskaya, “From my Memoirs”. Two chapters of memoirs by the former wife of A.I. Solzhenitsyn, devoted to the role of Alexander Tvardovsky in gaining acceptance for “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” [see CCE 24.12, [ pdf note 65].

8. Yu. Pyatov, Two Stories: “Uncle” and “In a Quiet Haven”.

9. A. Skuratov, “‘Raving Zealots’ once again?” A polemic with the Literary Gazette.

10. In the section “Discussion of the novel August 1914” the editors report that due to the police raid on Veche materials and the consequently rushed publication of issue No, 5, two major articles on August have been omitted. The editors protest at the dishonest campaign in the official press against this unpublished novel.

11. The section “Our Mail” publishes a letter by a group of people who feel that in our time not only persons of Orthodox faith, but also those who profess other religions, and even atheists, including followers of Marxism-Leninism, can be Russian patriots.

12. The “Chronicle” section of No. 5 reports on the threat made to historian L. Rendel by the Kalinin Procurator (see CCE 1.5 and CCE 21.10, item 5); on a letter by a group of employees of the “Kirov Theatre of Opera and Ballet” (in Leningrad); and cites also a letter by the editor of Veche, V. N. Osipov, to the Director-General of UNESCO, René Maillot, requesting that the materials of the June 1972 Stockholm Conference on the Protection of the Environment be sent to his address.


Nina Karsow, Szymon Szechter: ”Samizdat”

The foreword to the Polish edition of the Chronicle of Current Events (see this issue, “News in Brief”, CCE 26.14, London). Reflections on Soviet society, the democratic social movement and samizdat.


Vladimir Osipov: “The Berdyaev Circle in Leningrad”

An essay on the activities of the ASCULP [All-Russian Social-Christian Union for the Liberation of the People] (see CCE 1.6), the story of its exposure by the KGB, and the trial of ASCULP members.