The Arrests of Lazareva and Maltseva, September 1980 (60.10)

<<No 60 : 31 December 1980>>

On 26 September 1980 the feminist Natalya Lazareva (b. 1947) was arrested in Leningrad (on feminism, see CCE 55.9 “Miscellaneous Reports” and 57.18 “The Right to Leave”). She was charged under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code.[1] On 16 December searches were conducted in Leningrad in connection with her case (No. 36) at the homes of Natalya Maltseva, Victor Krivulin (CCE 43.16 and 56.27) and Tatyana Begicheva.

Maltseva (b. 1951) was arrested after the search. She was charged under Article 70 of the RSFSR Criminal Code.[2] On the day of her arrest she had a temperature of 39° (she has tuberculosis). She is one of the editors of the almanac Women and Russia.

A typewriter, a children’s Bible with pictures, the first volume of an American edition of Mandelstam, about 15 cassettes with recordings of a discussion of No. 20 of the journal 37 and of music, and poetry (the search record listed about 70 items in all) were confiscated from Krivulin. Manuscripts by Lazareva and N. Malakhovskaya were confiscated from Begicheva (b. 1946, a graduate of the Philosophy Faculty of Leningrad University).


[1] Lazareva was sentenced to 10 months in a camp. For her trial and photograph see CCE 61.3.

[2] Maltseva was given a 2-year suspended sentence in spring 1981.