The Camp Trial of Andrei Amalrik, 18 July 1973 (29.7)

<<No 29 : 31 July 1973>>

Andrei Amalrik was due to complete his 3-year prison sentence on 21 May 1973.

On 22 May his wife, G. Makudinova, was informed that the Procurator’s Office of Magadan had instituted new proceedings under Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. This was Amalrik’s second indictment under Article 190-1.

On 22 May G. Podyapolsky, A. Sakharov and I. Shafarevich, members of the Human Rights Committee, issued an appeal in defence of Andrei Amalrik.

According to a report in A Chronicle of Human Rights in the USSR (No 2) the news of Amalrik’s new arrest provoked a wave of protests in the West.

* * *

Andrei Amalrik was tried on 18 July 1973 in the settlement of Talaya, Magadan Region. His lawyer was Shveisky. The sentence: 3 years in strict-regime camps. The sentence was appealed to the RSFSR Supreme Court.

The Chronicle has no reliable information on this trial.

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