Addendum [Silmale], April 1971 (20.14)

<<No 20 : 2 July 1971>>

On the termination of the case against Maya Silmale,
Riga (CCE 19.11, item 11)

[Maya Silmale was arrested (CCE 18.10, item 12) on the evening of 2 February 1971. This letter was addressed to her sister Austra]

“Procuracy of the USSR
Procuracy of the Latvian SSR
16 April 1971

To Citizen Silmale, Austra Arvidovna

I hereby inform you that on the basis of Article 198, para. 2, of the Latvian Code of Criminal Procedure [67] criminal proceedings against Silmale Maya Arvidovna, born 1924, have been discontinued by the Procuracy of the Latvian SSR. The measure of restraint applied in her case – an undertaking not to leave the city – was lifted on 15 April 1971, since Silmale M.A. has been judged by an in-patient forensic-psychiatric commission to be of unsound mind and her case is not referable to the courts for the imposition of compulsory treatment.


E Kakitis, [68] lawyer first class,
investigator of the Latvian SSR Procuracy for especially important cases.

[Commentary No 20]

20.14 Addendum [Silmale]

[67] Article 198, para. 2, of the Latvian Code of Criminal Procedure – termination of proceedings when the accused is suffering from mental or other serious illness, certified by a medical institution.

[68] Kakhitis was also investigator in the cases of Ivan Yakhimovich and L.A. Doronina (see CCE 7.2 and 17.12, item 5, respectively).