The Fate of P.G. Grigorenko, October 1970 (16.9)

<<No 16 : 31 October 1970>>

Pyotr Grigorevich Grigorenko is still being held in the Special Pyschiatric Hospital (CCE 14.2 and CCE 15.10, item 1) in Chernyakhovsk [Kaliningrad Region] .

For the last few months the ward in which Grigorenko is imprisoned has been fitted with a second lock, the key to which is kept by the warder on duty at the guard-post, far away from the cell. This makes using the toilet extremely difficult. Grigorenko’s cystitis has become more acute. In agony, Pyotr Grigorevich has not been sleeping at night.

There have been no answers to all his complaints. Only at the end of October was a slop-bucket placed in his cell.

The hospital administration is restricting P.G. Grigorenko‘s visits from his relatives.