Extra-judicial Persecution, October 1970 (16.8)

<<No 16 : 31 October 1970>>


V.N. Chalidze has been removed on ideological grounds from the leadership of the polymer physics group at the Plastics Research Institute [in Moscow]. Chalidze is well-known as the author of a number of documents and articles about human rights and as the compiler of the Social Issues collections (Moscow, samizdat) [CCE 10.13 (1)].


Tatyana Panchenko, a fifth-year student in the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow University, was expelled from the Komsomol and the university in September. Held against her were the testimony she gave at the trial of I. Burmistrovich in 1969 [CCE 8.2], and her signing of a letter in defence of the Crimean Tatars (at Panchenko’s request her signature was later removed from the letter).


Yevgeny Nikolayevich Nikolayev, a research officer at the Research Institute for Disinfection and Sterilisation who does not belong to the Party, stated during an interview connected with his reappointment that he did not let the Communist Party order him around. He was not re-appointed by the Academic Council and was left without work. In October he was forcibly hospitalised in psychiatric hospital No. 16 in Moscow. In the past he had not consulted psychiatrists.


Professor G.V. Krasnov of Gorky University, Doctor of philological sciences and an expert on the work of Lev Tolstoy, has been removed from the chair of Russian Literature and given a severe intra-Party punishment, officially for signing a reference for Valentin Fyodorov (CCE 14.10) a lecturer in his department, who was dismissed for being acquainted with those convicted in the “Gorky affair”.


Daniel Davydovich Baril, chief engineer of the Construction Bureau for Mechanical Engineering in the Ship-building Industry (Moscow) has been dismissed on grounds of redundancy. The reason for his dismissal was a verbal communication from OVIR [Department of Visas and Registrations] to the effect that his son, Vladimir Baril, had been given permission to emigrate to Israel.


An article by the art critic Igor Golomshtok, who was called as a witness at the trial of Sinyavsky and Daniel and refused to give evidence, has been deleted from advance copies of the collection Problems of Technical Aesthetics, volume 2, to be published by the Moscow section of the Iskusstvo publishing house. The change in the contents of the collection was apparently made on the initiative of E.I. Savostyanov, the director of the publishing house. [See also CCE 2.1 Letters in defence of Galanskov and Ginzburg.]