Responses in other cities, August 1968 (3.4)

No 3 : 30 August 1968

Reports have come in of incidents in other towns. In Leningrad and the Baltic Republics leaflets condemning the invasion of Czechoslovakia have circulated widely.

In Tartu a student has been arrested for writing a protest on a cinema wall. The name of the student is not known [CCE 4.7 item 3].

In Leningrad on 1 and 2 August four people were arrested: a legal adviser, Yury Gendler; a chemist, Lev Kvachevsky; an engineer, Yevgeny Shashenkov; and a jurist, Nikolai Danilov. They were searched on an absurd pretext [CCE 4.5], and literature of allegedly anti-Soviet content was confiscated. The real reason for their arrest was an attempt to write a letter about Czechoslovakia. The majority of those arrested had previously been subjected to repression [1].

More detailed information about pending trials in Moscow and Leningrad will be known later.