Events in Estonia (1968-1987)

See reports in A Chronicle of Current Events (1968-1982) in English translation and in USSR News Update (1978-1991), «Вести из СССР» (in Russian) Note These reports are tagged on the two websites, in the entries for 'Estonian SSR' in "Guided Search" and ЭССР in "Tags", respectively, in the right-hand column of the page. … Continue reading Events in Estonia (1968-1987)

Civil Protest in Russia, yesterday and today (16 May, Glasgow)

Repressive policies, political prisoners and trends in non-violent resistance Speaker: Elena SANNIKOVA in Russian with interpretation ♦ 5 to 6.45 pm, Thursday, 16 May at Main Seminar Room, Central and East European Studies, Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow (Gilmorehill campus) ♦ Over the past 10 years, the level of repression has been steadily rising in Russia. … Continue reading Civil Protest in Russia, yesterday and today (16 May, Glasgow)

No 31 : 17 May 1974

ACTION IN DEFENCE OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE SOVIET UNION CONTINUES *** Some of the reports in this issue have been digitised. The others may be located by page numbers in the pdf version (CCE Nos 28-31) after the items in this Contents page *** Introduction PART ONE: Events of 1973-1974  [pdf, 65-71] (1) The … Continue reading No 31 : 17 May 1974