Corrections and additions, February 1970 (12.11)

«No 12 : 28 February 1970»

Chronicle No. 11

  1. In the section “Samizdat update”, in the notes on “Selected samizdat texts on social problems” (2nd issue) it was not pointed out that there are notes on the conventions currently in force signed by the USSR with foreign governments; these include the convention on the struggle against discrimination in the field of labour and employment, and in the field of education, on the removal of all forms of racial discrimination, on the forbidding of forced labour and on the freedom of assembly, and in defence of the right to organise.

  2. In the section “Arrests of Moscow students”, for Novotvorskaya, read Novodvorskaya.

  3. In the section “Extra-judicial political persecutions” for “Omsk. Krupko, Elena Georgiyevna, aged 40 …” read “Odessa …”

  4. In the section “News in Brief”:

i) for: “… the 64-year-old P. G. Grigorenko“, read: the 62-year-old P. G. Grigorenko;

ii) for: “In Kharkov on 27 November … Grishenko, investigator of the Kharkov procuracy …”, read: Gritsenko.

Chronicle No. 10

The report of the arrest of S.B. Pavlenkova was incorrect.