Commentary No 28

No 28 : 31 December 1972

28.7 News in brief

AI – According to the samizdat “Register of People Convicted in the 1960’s” (item 70) Nikolayenko was sentenced in 1969 by the Chernigov Regional Court to 5 years for “anti-Soviet agitation”. As 25 year sentences have not been imposed since 1960 it would therefore appear likely that the Chronicle has made a mistake. On Nikolayenko see also samizdat document number 70 in Cahiers du Samizdat, 17, March 1974 (a translation of AS 1526 in the Samizdat Archive series).

For more details on Vasily Pirus see item 42 in the prisoner list in Ukrainian Herald number 4, which reports that he was arrested in 1948 (he would therefore be due for release in 1973, unless re-sentenced while in captivity); on Lukyanenko see Chronicles 11 and 30; on Lutsik see Chronicles 11 and 24; Kurchik may be the Nikolai Kurchik described in Chronicle 25; and on Kots see item 82 in the “Register” (cf previous footnote) and item 33 in the prisoner list in Ukrainian Herald number 3.