Corrections and additions, August 1969 (9.11)

«No 9 : 31 August 1969»

To the list printed in issue No. 4 of the Chronicle under the heading “Some political prisoners convicted for treason” [CCE 4.4] the name of Georg Gladko, who attempted to escape from East to West Germany, can be added. Georg Gladko is now in Vladimir Prison.

As for Anatoly Gurov, who was mentioned in [that item in] the Chronicle, the moving tale of how he was arrested when he went back the next day for the friend who had fallen behind, turned out to be nothing more than a camp legend invented by Gurov himself. Gurov spent quite a long time in West Berlin, where he worked as a radio-technician in an American “school for spies”. Ho was arrested after being caught laying a microphone cable. And so, crossing the border illegally was not the only act Gurov committed. It is just such people that the camp Administration relies on: Gurov has become notorious in his camp as a “custom-built informer”.


Rumours that Yu. Ivanov is the pseudonym of either Valentin or Valerian Zorin have turned out to be incorrect [CCE 8.14, item 25]. Yury Ivanov is a real person of about 40 years old. It seems that he is a graduate of the Institute of International Relations, and that he knows English well but no other languages. Yury Ivanov works in the Central Committee of the CPSU. He was formerly employed in the African department, but then he received a reprimand for drunkenness, and although the normal practice in such cases is to expel the culprit from the Central Committee apparatus, Ivanov was transferred to the foreign travel department, where the staff consists only of KGB workers. At present Yury Ivanov is the only expert on Israel in the Central Committee. He should not be confused with K. Ivanov (the pseudonym under which the Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs Semyonov, writes), who is one of the authors of the book The State of Israel.