Replies to readers, October 1969 (10.17)

«No 10 : 31 October 1969»

Many readers of the Chronicle have voiced critical comments about the “Samizdat update” section in Issue 9 [CCE 9.9, item 10] because of the part which talked about the ‘Letter to Members of the Politburo’ [by V.I. Lenin]. Readers were critical of the fact that the commentary to this document abounded in value judgments.

The Chronicle agrees with these comments by readers, thanks them for their criticisms, and will try in future to keep to facts and avoid judgments.

Some readers have also expressed the opinion that the Chronicle is engaged in religious propaganda in its pages.

The Chronicle does not agree with this, and considers it necessary to clarify the matter thus: It is not the aim of the Chronicle to carry on either religious or anti-religious propaganda, since it considers that the question of religious belief is a matter for the conscience of the individual. However, in so far as there are in the Soviet Union various forms of persecution of believers, and restrictions on freedom of conscience, which are violations of “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the Chronicle considers it necessary to publish these facts.