Material from The Soviet Press, November 1973 (30.17)

<<No 30 : 31 December 1973>>

Early in November 1973, the newspaper Literaturnaya Ukraina published a statement by the critic Ivan Dzyuba. An editorial introduction reports that the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR, taking into account Dzyuba’s sincere acknowledgement of guilt, has granted him a pardon. (Dzyuba was tried in March 1973 and sentenced to 5 years in camps-see CCE 29.5, item 1.)

A major part of Dzyuba’s statement deals with the history of his writing of Internationalism or Russification? which he now considers “an attack on the Party’s nationalities policy”. Dzyuba writes that he committed harmful acts by circulating this and certain other works. Facts which Dzyuba became aware of during the investigation have forced him to break with his errors of the past once and for all. In the light of all this, the real issue for him was not that of a particular court sentence but of a life-long choice: “…. whether to resign myself to being branded an enemy of my socialist fatherland, or not to allow this, …” The author made the latter choice.

While still under pre-trial investigation, Dzyuba began work on a critical analysis of Internationalism or Russification? His work is to be an explication of his present views. The author wishes “to oppose the ideology of Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism in a wholly principled way…” Dzyuba writes that he has understood the necessity of being a citizen of the USSR and a proletarian internationalist. His statement concludes:

“I want to fulfil an intention I set myself long ago-to spend a good deal of time working in my field in some industrial enterprise, so that I can experience the atmosphere of a workers’ collective, become part of its life.”



The Chronicle will continue to appear in 1974.