Corrections to Previous Issues (26.18)

<<No 26 : 5 July 1972>>

The search in the town of Uman (see CCE 24.2) concerned not E. L. Olitskaya but N.M. Surovtseva-Olitskaya, the wife of her elder brother, who lives in the same house [note 1].


Due to an oversight, it was stated in CCE 25 that the fate of G. I. Bendersky was unknown. In fact, his fate was reported in CCE 13.10 (item 4) and in the Supplement to No. 17 (part 2): on 12 January 1970, while in the Kiev KGB investigation prison, he committed suicide. Also. CCE 25 made an error in G. I. Bendersky’s initials.


The account of the Memorandum of Lithuanian Catholics to L. L Brezhnev (in CCE 24.6) speaks of the destruction of churches. What the Memorandum actually says is that the authorities do not allow believers to restore derelict churches.

Additional Corrections by Editors and Translators of English edition

In note 86 to CCE 23.3 the age of P. Airikyan (can also be transliterated correctly as “Hairikyan”) is given as 33. This should read 23,



[1] On Nadezhda Surovtseva, see the excerpt (“Vladivostok transit”) from her memoirs in Till My Tale is Told (1999). The preface describes her as attending the Paris Peace Conference as part of Hetman Skoropadsky’s Ukrainian delegation.