Searches, Interrogations, Arrests (26.3)

<<No 26 : 5 July 1972>>


At the beginning of May, Grigory Berman (aged 26) submitted his documents to OVIR in order to leave lot Israel. A week later he was summoned to the KGB, who demanded that he give information about some of his friends, threatening that if he did not, permission to leave would not be granted. Berman refused.

Three days later he received his call-up papers. Pleading exemption from military service on health grounds Berman left for Kiev. On 25 May he was arrested in the waiting-room of OVIR and dispatched to Odessa Prison. He has been charged under an article corresponding to Article 198-1 of the Russian Criminal Code (evasion of a summons for training or medical examination, or of military registration, by a person liable for military service).

On 21 May Yury Pokh (aged 22) was arrested on similar grounds. The same charge has been brought against him. [note 1].


On 5 June G. Shapiro [CCE 22, 23] was arrested, and on 9 June M. Nashpits. Both have been charged under Article 198-1 of the Russian Criminal Code [note 2].

During a search at the home of typist V. Makatinskaya [note 3] on 6 May (see CCE 25) a typewriter with a Russian keyboard was confiscated and one with a Roman keyboard left. In June KGB employees visited Makatinskaya with a warrant for seizure and removed the second typewriter.

In the Spring of 1972 G. P. Shchedrovitsky, a Master of Pedagogical Science has his flat searched in connection with Case No. 24 (see CCE 24).


Leningrad. On 15 April Mikhail Meilakh, a Master of Philological Science, had his flat searched in connection with the case of Yevdokimov’s wife (see this issue, CCE 26.2).


It has become known to the Chronicle that the search at Lakhov’s house was carried out, not on 6 May under Case No. 374, as reported in CCE 25, but on 20 April (the same day as the search of P. P. Starchik’s home, and evidently in connection with this search) under Case No. 24.

Vasily Ivanovich LAKHOV (who is aged about 40) lives near Moscow in the village of Yakovenko (Stolbovaya station on the Kursk Railway line). He is a member of the Communist Party and a graduate student at the Moscow Institute of Chemical Machine Construction. Following this search Lakhov was summoned several times for interrogation. He was questioned (by now in connection with the Starchik case) by investigator S. N. Gorshkov.


On 20 April in connection with Case No. 24 a search was carried out at the home of Vasily Ivanovich BAYEV (aged about 40) a resident of Podolsk [Moscow Region]. Nothing was found in the search. Bayev is a sociologist at the All-Union Research Institute for Electrothermic Equipment.



[1] Berman was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment on 10 August at a closed trial. Pokh got 3 ½  years on 17 July.

[2] Both sentenced to one year of corrective labour without imprisonment but with deduction of 20% of their pay, Shapiro on 26 July, Nashpits on 2 August.

[3] Valentina Mikhailovna Makatinskaya, aged about 60, is a translator from French who spent some seventeen years in the concentration camps up to about 1950. Her husband used to work in the Soviet embassy in Paris.