Investigations in Oryol, 1973-1974 (29.4)

<<No 29 : 31 July 1973>>

At intervals over a period of a month the following were arrested in Oryol: on 3 November 1972, Yevgeny Kuzin; in November, Oleg Savinkin; on 8 December, Alexander Yegorov.

Victor Khaustov was arrested in Moscow on 17 January 1973. After his arrest he was confined in the investigation prison in Oryol.

On that same day a search was made at the home of Olga Joffe in connection with the case of Khaustov. After the search she was interrogated.

In the spring of 1967 Victor Khaustov was sentenced to 3 years in the camps for taking part, on 22 January 1967, in a demonstration on Moscow’s Pushkin Square. The demonstration was provoked by the arrest of Galanskov, Lashkova, Dobrovolsky, and Radziyevsky [note 1].


It is reported that Khaustov, Kuzin, Savinkin and Yegorov are being charged with intending to publish a journal called “The Russian Patriotic Front” [Patrioticheskiy front Rossiij].

Boris Vail, (see CCE 16 [also 15,17-19, 27]) who is in exile, was interrogated on 15 February 1973 in Tobolsk. To all appearances the interrogation was connected with the Oryol case. In March a search was conducted at Vail’s home.

On 2 March investigator Ilyn of the Oryol KGB administration interrogated Olga Joffe’s mother, N. Ya. Shatunovskaya, in connection with the Khaustov case. On 3 March he interrogated Olga Joffe.

In the summer the case of Khaustov was separated from that of Kuzin, Savinkin and Yegorov.

The trial of Kuzin, Savinkin and Yegorov was held in Oryol from 2 to 8 July 1973. They were charged under Articles 70 and 72 of the RSFSR Criminal Code. Sentences: Savinkin, 5 years of camps and 2 years exile; Kuzin, 4 years of camps and 2 years exile; Yegorov, 3 years of camps.   ’


On 3 July, after being interrogated by the KGB, Gabriel Superfin was arrested. Soon after his arrest he was taken to the investigation prison in Oryol. Superfin’s case is being handled by Khaustov’s investigator, Ilyn.



[1] This demonstration was in protest against the arrest a few days earlier of several young Moscow intellectuals and also against the introduction into the criminal code in September 1966 of articles 190-1 and 190-3.