Moscow Helsinki Group Documents 26-38: Nov 1977- March 1978 (48.23)

<<Moscow Helsinki Group documents, 1976-1982>>

No. 26 (21 November 1977): To the [CSCE] Conference in Belgrade to review the implementation of the [1975] Helsinki Agreement. This document was summarized in CCE 47, but its number was not indicated, and the list of authors was incomplete.

No. 27 (25 December 1977): On prolonging the period of Alexander Ginzburg, Yury Orlov and Anatoly Shcharansky‘s detention (in this issue, CCE 48.2).

No. 28 (31 December 1977): On P. Vins (in this issue, CCE 48.3).

No. 29 (12 January 1978): On V.P. Khailo (in this issue, CCE 48.16, pt 2).

No. 30 (2 February 1978): On violations of the freedom of postal and telephonic communication.

A list of 74 disconnected telephones is appended. For example, in December 1977 the telephones of Moscow residents Lev Kopelev (CCE 45), Maria Petrenko-Podyapolskaya, Vladimir Slepak, the Tverdokhlebovs’ flat, Boris Chernobylsky, Vladimir Tufeld and Natalya Khasina, and Leningrad resident Ada Taratuta, were all disconnected.

No. 31 (2 February 1978): On the arrest of Levko Lukyanenko (in this issue, CCE 48.3).

No. 32 (2 February 1978): On the right to leave one’s country (in this issue, CCE 48.17, “The Right to Leave”).

No. 33 (February 1978): On Alexander Zinoviev (in this issue, CCE 48.18, “Extrajudicial Persecution”).

No. 34 (February 1978): On the reclassification of the charges against Yu. Orlov (in this issue, CCE 48.2).

No. 35 (February 1978): Statement on the [CSCE] conference in Belgrade.

“… the wrecking of the conference by the Soviet Union on the pretext of [Western] interference in its internal affairs would be, of course, a great misfortune. It would involve a prolonged but nonetheless temporary delay on the historically inevitable path of detente. But a far greater misfortune, a catastrophe with consequences for the whole future of humanity and one that would be hard to put right, would be a capitulation before the [Soviet] threat to wreck the conference.”

No. 36 (16 February 1978): On the formation of the ‘Free Trade Union’ (in this issue, CCE 48.21, “Miscellaneous Reports”).

No. 37 (9 March 1978): About the right to a pension depending on the period worked and about the size of pensions.

No. 38 (9 March 1978): On the position of invalids deprived of the possibility of independent movement from place to place. A call for the formation of an association of such invalids.