Search at the home of Mnyukh, 7 February 1977 (44.6)

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On 7 February, a search was carried out at the flat of a member of the Moscow Helsinki group, Yury Mnyukh, with the sanction of A. I. Tikhonov and a warrant from senior investigator Pantyukhin. It was conducted by investigator Morozov; witnesses were A. I. Vladimirov and A. E. Kruglov.

At first only the wife of Mnyukh, N. Panfilova, was present at the search. Later Malva Landa arrived; she was living at the Mnyukhs’ at the time. Yury Mnyukh himself was not at the search.

During the search of the Helsinki Group, samizdat and books published abroad were confiscated. Typewriters, cassettes and tapes of English language lessons were taken. Personal letters and money the Mnyukhs had saved were removed, also Mnyukh’s scientific film-strips on physics. A small case of Malva Landa’s was also searched. After the search it transpired that the Gospels and verse by Okudzhava had disappeared from the house.

The following day Mnyukh wrote a letter to the Procuracy in which he demanded that they return at once the things taken from him. M. Landa addressed a similar demand to Tikhonov, saying, moreover, that most of the material confiscated belonged to her.