The trial of Kurtumerov, Khalilov and Ramazanov, 28 November 1973 (31.10)

<<No 31 : 17 May 1974>>

Eskander Kurtumerov is an engineer, 38 years old, father of two children. On 14 April 1973 a first search was carried out at his flat. Before the search KGB officials took his 10-year-old daughter from school and interrogated her on the way to her home.

On 15 May a second search took place, and on 17 May Kurtumerov was arrested.

Ebazar Khalilov is 34 years old. On 25 August after a search he was summoned to an interrogation and arrested.

Riad Ramazanov was arrested on 5 September 1973.

In the case of Kurtumerov the Zaporozhe Regional Procurator’s Office also carried out searches on 28 June in the town of Genichesk (Kherson Region) at the home of Enver Sefarov (the search was conducted by Lieutenant-Colonel Pavel Petrovich Popov) and in Novo-Alexeyev in Genichesk district at the home of Enver Ametov. Literature was confiscated and, according to certain reports, duplicating machinery (most likely a typewriter).


The trial took place on 28 November 1973 in Zaporozhe.

The charges were under Article 187-1 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (corresponding to Article 190-1 of the RSFSR Criminal Code).

The sentence: 2 years for Kurtumerov, //2’A years for Khalilov, //2lA years for Ramazanov, all in ordinary-regime camps.

The defence lawyers (all from the legal services office of the Zhovtnevy municipality//) were: for Kurtumerov, Dolzhenko; for Ramazanov, Nelli Leonidovna Kravtsova; and for Khalilov, Vladlena Dmitrievna Koshelnaya.

The trial was in effect closed. Relatives were not informed about the date of the trial. Only after the trial did Koshelnaya phone the wife of Khalilov and ask her to tell the wife of Ramazanov to bring some money. After the trial all three accused had a meeting with their wives.