Chronology: Dec. 1976 to March 1977 (44.1)

<<No 44 : 16 March 1977>>

 December 1976
18Exchange of Vladimir Bukovsky and Luis Corvalan
24Searches among members of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group
25Psychiatric arrest of Vladimir Borisov (Leningrad)
 January 1977
4Searches among members of Moscow Helsinki Group
 TASS announcement of link between Helsinki Group and NTS
5Creation of the Working Commission to Investigate the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes
 Yury Mnyukh joins Moscow Helsinki Group
 Interrogation of Yury Orlov
10TASS report about an explosion in the Moscow Metro on 8 January
 Report on explosion in Evening News (London) by Victor Louis
11O Lukauskaite-Poshkene of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group is called to the procurator’s office
12Statement by Andrei Sakharov about the explosion
14Naum Meiman joins Moscow Helsinki Group
 Creation of the Georgian Helsinki Group
20Press conference by Kronid Lyubarsky
25Sakharov called to USSR Procurator’s Office
26Soviet newspapers publish TASS report about Sakharov “The slanderer has been warned”
 February 1977
1Interrogation of Yury Orlov
2Article by A. Petrov (Agatov), “Liars and Hypocrites”, Literaturnaya gazeta
3Arrest of Alexander Ginzburg
4Malva Landa, Kronid Lyubarsky and Tatyana Khodorovich become representatives of the Relief Fund for Political Prisoners and their Families
5Arrest of Nikolai Rudenko (Kiev) and Alexei Tikhy (Donetsk Region)
 Search at home of Oksana Meshko (Kiev)
6Search at the home of N.A. Strokatova
 Pyotr Vins joins the Ukrainian Helsinki Group
7Search at the home of Yury Mnyukh
 Searches in Lithuania
10Arrest of Yury Orlov
12Lead article in Pravda, “What lies behind the fuss about ‘human rights’”
 Beginning of a daily campaign in the Soviet press
14Valentin Turchin is given a “final warning”
22Ludmila Alexeyeva leaves the USSR
25Search at the Tarusa house of Alexander Ginzburg
 March 1977
1President Carter receives Vladimir Bukovsky at White House
2Searches in Odessa and arrest of Vasily Barladyanu
3Arrest of Josif Begun
4Release of Vladimir Borisov from psychiatric hospital
 Lipavsky, “Open Letter” to Izvestiya
 Searches at the homes of Jewish activists in Moscow
14Release of M Shtern
 Search at home of Alexander Podrabinek
15Arrest of Anatoly Shcharansky