61.00 A confiscated issue

Nos 59-61 (English)

On 20 February 1981 officials of the Administration for Moscow City and Moscow Region of the USSR Committee for State Security [KGB] confiscated the manuscript of A Chronicle of Current Events No. 59 (15 November 1980) and all the materials used in preparing it, during a search at Leonid Vul’s flat (see ‘A Search at the Home of Vul in Chronicle 61).

Most of the text was written by L. Vul and Yu. Shikhanovich. It will probably not be difficult for the KGB to identify the handwriting of other editors, too. Those people who are now known by the Committee for State Security to be involved in the Chronicle consider it essential for them to stop working on the Chronicle, as their continued participation would jeopardize the publication’s future.

The withdrawal of those who prepared Chronicle No. 59, and the loss of some of the materials it was based on, make its appearance impossible. For these reasons the period from August to November 1980 is not covered fully in the present issue.