To readers of the Chronicle, December 1972 (28.0)

<<No 28 : 31 December 1972>>

This issue contains material more than a year old, and that fact has naturally had an influence on its selection and on the length at which it is presented. The reason for the break in the Chronicle‘s publication was the KGB’s repeated and unequivocal threats to respond to each new issue of the Chronicle with new arrests – arrests of people suspected by the KGB of publishing or distributing new or past issues (cf. the material on “Case Number 24” [see CCE 28.3] in this issue and the next issue [see CCE 29.8]).

People faced with the terrible necessity of making decisions which will affect not only themselves are placed in an ethical situation the nature of which requires no comment. But to remain silent would mean to facilitate — even though indirectly and passively — the use of a “tactic of hostages” which is incompatible with justice, morality and human dignity. Therefore the Chronicle is resuming publication and will strive to preserve both the principles and the style of previous issues.